From GEAAT we also offer a series of services related to our field of expertise. Our preferential contractors, taking into account our specialization in water issues, are companies, business federations, chambers of commerce, sports federations and associations, local agri-food systems, Rural Development Groups (RDG), spas, SPAs, water theme parks, travel agencies, tour operators, tourism associations, press, radio, television, teaching centers, foundations, museums, NGOs, town councils, associations, councils, consortiums, research centers, research groups from the University of Vigo or other universities, etc.

Among the services offered, the following stand out

  • Training of scientific and technical personnel
  • Advice and scientific-technical support to SMEs and research groups
  • Realization of projects, reports and documentary and technical works.
  • Organization of courses, seminars, conferences, round tables and workshops
  • Preparation of dictionaries and glossaries of specific terminology, catalogs, inventories and guides.
  • Digitization of files, maps, plans, etc.
  • Review and translation of books and other documents related to our field of expertise.
  • Participation in standardization, editing or technical specification committees