Rosa Brañas Abad


Associate Professor of Ancient History.
Degree in Geography and History in the specialties of Ancient and Prehistoric History and Archaeology (USC 1988 and 1989). She graduated in 1995 with a thesis on Galician Ancient History and a doctor’s degree in Geography and History (USC 1999) in the same specialty. Interim teacher of Ancient History in the Faculty of History of Ourense in 2007-2008 and assistant lecturer since 2015. Teacher and tutor of the UNED in Ancient History since 2010 in Pontevedra and A Coruña. Trainer in Historical and Archaeological Heritage in private companies since 2011.


José Antonio Díaz Fernández


Degree in Geography and History with a specialization in Applied Geography (USC). Doctor by the USC with the Doctoral Thesis “The system of transports and terrestrial communications in the regional development of Galicia”.

He has worked as a specialist consultant in Strategic Planning, in the Direction in strategic studies 2004-2018, as a P-6 interim teacher. USC. 2009-2010, professor at UVIGO, department of History, Art and Geography. 2014-2020. Associate professor UVIGO P-6 2014-2018, assistant professor doctor UVIGO 2018-2020 and director of the UVIGO MINIUS magazine from December 2018 to the present.

His research activity includes the following publications:
Book: Tourism in Galicia. Pontevedra County Council. 1999. / Book: The Transport and Communication System in the Metropolitan Area of A Coruña. Edit. Provincial Council of A Coruña. 2000 / Book:The railway in the province of Lugo. Lugo County Council. 2005 / Book: Approach to the railway transport policy in Galicia: Its contribution to regional development. Edit. Pontevedra Provincial Council. 2002 / Book: Galician ports of general interest in the face of the challenge of the 21st century. IUEM Publishing House. UDC. 2005 / Book: The transport and communication system in the regional development of Galicia. USC Edition. 2007 / Book: The marinas in Galicia. Port Authority of A Coruña. 2008 / Book: The Coastal Areas in Galicia. IUEM Edition. UDC. 2006 / Book: Tourism and local development: The strategic role of the Administration. Edit. Provincial Council of A Coruña. 2009- / Book: Multimodal transport infrastructures and logistics services. Ministry of Fishing and Maritime Affairs. Xunta de Galicia 2008- / Book: Multimodal transport infrastructure policy and logistics services. IGETI Edition. 2006. / Book: Transport and Communication Infrastructures in Galicia: The State of the Art. Volume II. Hercules Editions. Collection: The Economy of Galicia.