Ladislao Castro Pérez

Head professor and researcher at UVigo

Prehistory area
Department of History, Art and Geography

Faculty of History
Pavilion 2, Floor 1, Office 20
As Lagoas, s/n
32004 Ourense

+34 988 387 119


Research topics


Brief CV

Ladislao Castro Pérez (Vigo 1959), graduated and received his doctorate from the University of Santiago. He expanded his studies at the Institute of Archaeology at the University of London.
He participated in various campaigns for prospecting and excavating sites from the Recent Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula: Troña, Vigo, Monte Padrao, Bagil, La Salud, etc.

He investigated in various aspects of prehistoric jewellery. Especially in the field of European torques. He also investigated on topics of the archaeology of religion in the northwest of the peninsula.

Besides, he carried out studies on the anthropology of the use of ornaments. The origin and meaning of prehistoric masks; iconographic aspects of the Galician petroglyphs and the stelae of the Iron Age; ophthaliatry in protohistory, etc.