Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology

Ladislao Castro Pérez, Beatriz Comendador Rey

  • Prehistory of the Northwest peninsula
  • Public Archeology
  • Prehistoric art
  • Archaeometallurgy and prehistoric jewelry
  • Experimental Archeology
  • Celtic iconography
  • Arqueoloxía da relixión
  • Archeology of religion

Fermín Pérez Losada, Adolfo Fernández Fernández

  • Roman and late ancient archeology
  • Roman and late Roman commerce and economy. Ceramic studies
  • The exploitation of marine resources in ancient times
  • Roman rural population, territory and occupation of the peninsular Northwest


Geography and Spatial and Environmental Planning

Elena De Uña Álvarez, Miguel Ángel Álvarez Vázquez

  • Geomorphology, geodiversity, geo-heritage
  • Territorial dynamics in natural and rural areas
  • Eco-social systems (environment, nature, society)


Classic Era Sciences

Susana Reboreda Morillo

  • Religion and Society in Antiquity in Greece and Egypt
  • Homerus and Greek mythology
  • Women in Ancient Greece: goddesses and humans


Patrimonio Cultural

Crossline / All researchers

  • Valuation and Management and dissemination of Cultural Heritage
  • Territory and cultural landscape
  • Heritage education and social innovation